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  • Hi, Always good to see the app getting changed and hopefully improved for a better consumer experience. Here are my comments: Pros: * I like the two big buttons at the bottom, they are visible and most importantly useful in many cases * …
  • Or where it should end. For instance, even I don't like the "spot cleaning" option, if I drag my robot to a place where I want it to spot clean, would be nice if the robot could automatically go back to the "real home" (or the charger). This would s…
    in Moving Comment by Rafael October 22
  • I believe it's here: https://shop.electrolux.com/
    in spares Comment by Rafael October 18
  • You have one more customer which would love to have the "geo-fencing" or room function added. In so many cases we would like the robot to clean only the kitchen/living room/bedroom and the only way to do it is to grab the robot and either press "spo…
  • Hi Martin, It happened the same with me: the robot was often skipping our bedroom while door was widely open and without thresholds. After some weeks the robot got "smarter" and now it never misses it. My guess is they have corrected some bugs in…
  • It seems our idea is not impossible to be implemented. Check this article: https://nordic.businessinsider.com/new-roomba-i7-vs-roomba-980-features-specs-price-2018-9?r=US&IR=T "The house-cleaning robot can also automatically map out your h…
  • Hi again, So I tested yesterday my robot (Sugis) with Google Assistant via IFTTT. It works perfectly! One of the big benefits I found about it is to start cleaning in non-scheduled times. We always clean twice a week, but in some days when it…
  • Hej Martin, This is super great! I just saw your message now, sorry for the delay. I will test IFTTT in the next days and come back here with my comments. It look super excited!!
  • Good to know it! Maybe this message is not being shown for all errors. For instance, one day I couldn't connect the robot with app and it showed something like: "robot is not connected". But I had no idea how to solve it, not even in the user manual…
  • Looking forward to it! Seems very cool..I might not share the info on my twitter, but I will indeed use the voice commands
  • Basic question: will IFTTT enable the integration with AI Assistants like Google Home? And what would be the benefits of enabling IFTTT? I use it a bit, but right now I can't imagine how add applets for the robot. Would be good to have some ideas
  • What if a notification pops up on the phone every time we need to clean the filter? I believe this can be calculated based on the amount of square meters the robot has cleaned rather than the amount of months (to be more precise).
  • Hi, What if instead of showing an error code on the display, show an error code plus an error title which is readable for the users? Furthermore, would be great to see how to solve this error on the app. So we don't need to google, look in the manu…