Loss of suction

Only owned PUREi9 for a month and dusted out filter every scheduled clean and washed filter weekly. It has gone from cleaning exceptionally one day to just chucking dust and dirt around the next and sound like it is on super eco mode not just eco meaning it sounds quieter than it normally runs on eco. Have run it on normal mode and still no difference. I have cleaned every part imaginable so there is no friction but it just doesn’t suck and it blocks the throat up. Next to nothing goes in the dust bin. Is this a warranty job?


  • Hi Fiona.
    It sounds like the roller brush has stopped rotating. You can verify by start the robot and gently put your hand under the roller brush to feel if it is rotating.
    If the roller brush in fact is moving then the question is if the fan is turning on and sucking air. It the roller brush or fan have stopped moving then it is definitely a warranty job.
    Best Regards

  • I’m having a problem with the roller brush on my vacuum. Is it supposed to rotate at all times? Mine seems to not be working on tile all the bigger pieces are just being pushed around and not flipped up into the bin where they should be going.

  • Hi Howtoon,
    Please see P1rs answer above. If your brush roll is not spinning it is a warranty issue. Our service team will help you get going again

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