Drive like a RC car. NoGo lines. Area Clen and cleaning after calender plan for robot RX9

Is a drive like a RC car to a area on wich the robot shoulb be make a spot clean?
Did the RX9 get NoGo lines and area Clean?
Did get the RX9 get an calender to program the days for cleaning?


  • Hi W1976
    The answer now is that none of those functions are in right now. They are all great ideas :wink:

  • Hi Martin,

    Did AEG plan to include this ideas?

    Different floor mapping are also intresting.

    Best regards


  • I wouldn't recommend this feature. My i9 has a habit of occasionally giving false "bin full" messages and this feature would mean it would randomly stop and go back to base whenever it "thought" it's bin is full when in reality it's very much empty!

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