Is this normal behaviour?


Love the robot, it's been an amazing addition and way better than our old LG Roboking.
Have had it for about 3 months now, and have updated the software as it's become available.

I've noticed recently that the robot seems to be running into walls or it's mapping is odd occasionally - as well as it's now doing this weird revving up noise when on carpet and launching forward before stopping (see youtube video).

Is this normal behaviour?



  • raahlbraahlb admin
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    The stopping for a few seconds is because of the robot doing some calculations after having finished cleaning an area. This is actually to try to improve the mapping. :)

    The robot does sometimes have issues with cleaning on carpets - the wheels skid a lot, making mapping much harder. Don't think this should have changed recently, though.

    The revving up happens when the robot detects it's cleaning on a carpet. It might be that your carpet is just "slippery" enough for the changing of the brush roll speed to actually affect the slip, causing it to assume it's no longer on carpet, causing it to change back and forth between the carpet and non-carpet mode. Normal, uncommon, but not wanted behaviour.

  • OK great - thanks for the insight. Wasn't sure if there was some issue as the revving isn't consistent, but it does only happen on carpet.


  • WorkaWorka
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    I wonder if the problem could have been avoided with a gyro sensor.

    This would detect the change in alignment and position independently of the slipping wheels.

    With a list price of 1299 Euro, such a sensor would certainly have been affordable.

  • We do have a gyro. This helps with the orientation of the robot, but it won't help if the slipping causes the distance travelled to be under or over estimated.

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