80m2 takes 4 hours?

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Yes it’s a big living and kitchen room, but has also big empty spaces. The program splits the room into several squarres of x by x meters creating unlogic moves- why he doesn’t recognize better long distances and cleans this in one go instead of circling in the middle of room to find his virtual corners?


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    The robot cleans by dividing areas into regions of about 2*2 m². We've chosen this because it allows the robot to turn more often, so the 3D Vision sensor sees the same walls and other landmarks frequently. This makes it easier for the robot to navigate. Also, many users find it intuitive to clean smaller regions at a time, much like humans do with manual vacuum cleaners.

    Was this cleaning done in Normal or Eco mode? It cleans about 1 m²/min, so in Normal mode, it should clean 40 m², then recharge for about 2 h and then clean 40 m² more.

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    Yes understood the technical aspect, logic and clear; we use ECO thinking about having more battery capacity and the robot would do a larger area in the first round: I agree about manual cleaning in smaller sections, but I would also start in the dirty area first- now our table is located in the “counter area of the direction the robot takes (anti clockwise) - so table comes last- what about having the option to tell my robot which order I like him to do the 2x2 areas, which could be visualized on the APP?

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    Good idea LaZi,
    We will consider it as we go forward with development. :smile:

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    Yes please do this!

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