Why l33t, team Electrolux?

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Why l33t in the P9i display of almost every 3D rendered commercial image...?
Just having fun? 😎

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  • maurismauris
    edited December 2018

    To my eye it looks like the time in every commercial photo (or better 3D rendering) is 13:37 for example here: https://purei9.com/pages/specs

    In simpler 3D renderings in the user manual the time seems to be always 18:00.

  • CH2018CH2018
    edited December 2018

    @mauris Here: I give you some insight of what 1337 stands for. ;)

    I am looking forward to some Easter eggs
    Sudden robo dancing or Christmas tune hidden in there...? ;) not espionage I hope! o:)

  • 🤣 Nerd joke slipped through all visual directors of the marketing dept., or calculated move to attract certain customers little more. 👍

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