Hi how do I get spare parts as described in the manual? Ie brushes and filters no one in Electrolux seems to want to answe except I got one answer that that have not got any!


  • Hi,

    In the app there is a link in the main menu (on android there are tree horizontal lines in the top left corner) to the Electrolux webshop where you can find brushes and filters.
    Or visit

  • Yes I have done that on the shop and the product is not there? Simon

  • Please are the spare available or not? Simon

  • Hi simonship1799,
    Where are you located? If we know than we can address the issue with the right market.


  • Either Uk or Singapore , whichever is easier. Simon

  • I purchased it in Singapore for my residence there. But Singapore Electrolux say they now spares or accessories. They do not reply to emails. kind regards Simon

  • Can you just tell me how to purchase the spares? In the uk website the only has the air freshener as a spare or accesscory. It is very simple , kind regards Simon

  • Hi please can someone come back to me?

  • Pure i9 robot vacuum spares

  • Please can someone come back to me?

  • Please can someone come back to me?

  • Hi Simonship1799,
    Im in contact with the market in Singapore to see what is going on.

  • Thanks. Singapore just say they have no spares and then went silent kind regards Simon

  • Hi Simon,
    We have confirmation that there is available stock of the filter and brushes as a Kit in Singapore.
    You can call the Singapore Service Hotline to reserve one set for your purchase at the Service Centre.

  • I have tried before phoning the Singapore service centre and theee was no answer. Please can you give me the phone number? kind regards Simon

  • Hi Simon,
    The hotline number is +(65) 6727 3699 and the lines are open from 9 am to 5 pm, Mon - Fri.
    Alternatively, if it is okay, you can provide me your contact via a separate private message and I will get someone to call you back.

  • My contact is 97268816 (Singapore phone)

  • eventually I got through on another number. I purchased the spares but they do not post items so you have to physically go there which was very inconvenient and expensive by taxi.

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