Why does the pure i9 get less intelligent with each update?

What are you doing with the firmware updates? I feel like the pure i9 just gets dumber with each update. When I bought it a few years ago, it almost always found it’s way back to the charging station and it seemed to have a quite efficient cleaning pattern. Now when I clean a zone it can take it 20 min to find its way back to the cleaning station and it often doesn’t find its way back at all. Latest today, it cleaned one zone and then it turned of the vacuuming and had status going to charging station but didn’t go back to the charging station. Instead it moved across the other zones in a cleaning pattern. Also the last year or so, I feel like the cleaning pattern has become far less efficient. Can you please focus on getting the basic functionality working instead of doing a new app every year. Since I bought the pure i9 you have developed two new apps. Still though you haven’t been able to provide a way to securely stop it from destroying my carpets. (The avoid zones aren’t good enough since carpets move around a bit and the pure i9 sometimes goes into the avoidzones and gets stuck on the carpet). Before starting the vacuuming I need to place pillows around the carpet so that it won’t go on the carpet. Also there are a number of other really valuable requests on the forum where we haven’t seen any progress the last years. I’m getting really tired of this. Next time I will surely go with another brand if you can’t get the basics working.


  • glitzglitz Member ✭✭

    Product Id 900277254811002401100106

    Pnc 900277254

    firmware 43.14

  • SaranyaSaranya Member

    I am sorry that you are not able to get help at right time. I think this community discussions are not monitored.

    You can reach out to [email protected] for any issues with the app.

  • fullerdarylfullerdaryl Member

    I’ve had the same thought process- it’s been an unsteady drop in actual performance- a sort of one step forward and two steps back progression towards maximum inefficiency.

  • fullerdarylfullerdaryl Member

    @Saranya This community board was formed by Electrolux and has previously been monitored and moderated by Electrolux. If that gas changed, it would be a dumb move on their part; we’d all just be talking to each other, for no apparent reason and to no tangible gain.

    Electrolux needs to step on up to the plate and get to work assisting their customers.

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