Manual for 'Wellbeing' application

Qu1: Is there a manual for the new 'Wellbeing' app?

Qu2: I can not find a screen & button where I can create an additional/new floor map. So, hoping that someone can assist?


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    Hi! Sorry for the late answer, missed this one somehow.

    1- no, sorry. The idea is that there should be help in the app itself. I am not an expert on the app but ask specific questions here and we should be able to help you. This brings us to:

    2- You can't create additional floor maps. The robot creates maps itself when it cleans an area which it doesn't recognise as being part of an already known map. There are additional conditions as discussed in other threads, such as: the robot must be able to successfully complete a cleaning and return to the charger without getting lost before a map is considered reliable enough to save.

    The robot can remember up to three separate maps- it is constantly trying to compare each map to its current surroundings in order to know where it is, and too many maps make the comparisons too time-consuming.

    You can "split" your maps into areas or "zones" if you don't want the robot to try and clean the whole place each time.

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