Differences between all the models (9.1, 9.2, STN, ANM, DGM...)

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Could someone go into a bit of detail about the differences between the various Pure i9 models? The texts on the Electrolux and AEG websites are essentially identical for all models, and I spent a long time looking.

For example, what are the differences between the 9.1 and the 9.2? I read in some French review that there's a small reduction in noise compared to the 9.1, is this true? What other info could help to decide between the 9.2 and the 9.1 (both are available at AEG), like something about its mechanics or the sensors or compute boards, or any difference in the current or future software?
And even within the 9.2, there seem to be three models (PI92-4STN, PI92-4ANM & PI92-6DGM). By digging into the specs I can see one of them has a larger battery, otherwise the three look technically identical - so do the other two models differ in any way between each other? Why does one of them have a sticker that says "Animal"?

I'm confused that the marketers made this wealth of options available (several 9.1 models, several 9.2 ones) without communicating in any way the product differentiation. Any clarifying info would be much appreciated!


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