New "Wellbeing" app

Electrolux is now pushing outthe new "Wellbeing" app, with message that it will replace purei9 app.

I really hope that we can keep the old app in use, until the new app will have at least the same features as the old one.

Now the history display in the Wellbeing app looks very bad:

- No maps of previous cleaning runs.

- No total cleaning time or area.

- Statistics only for last 6 months.

Screenshots for comparison.



  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Great that you found it!
    We will inform you all within the coming weeks. This release is available in all Wellbeing markets but only communicated in a few markets to have a slow start of users coming in. Some of you will not find it yet.
    Don't forget to scroll down on the history card to get more data.
    More is coming and the new app is not being closed in a while.
    Please let us know what you think

  • maurismauris Member
    edited October 2020

    Thank you for quick reply, hopefully this will be improved. Now this doesn't look like improvement. I want to control my appliance, not to be nicely greeted by name which I gave for the app.

    I scrolled down, positive there is weekly report and number of cleaning times. The problem is that max time shown is 6 months (not even real total hours), and no access to details of each run.

    Status view of ongoing cleaning is also worse, it doesn't show what it's actually doing.

    Screenshots from same situatin for comparison. (Newer app says on the bottom that it's not cleaning but the old shows where it's going on the map, looks like an error.)

  • maurismauris Member

    Looks that there is delay for the current cleaning map to appear, and during that time placeholder text says "not cleaning" regardless of real status. This should be easy to fix.

    Please also bring the detailed status with map back to the front page. Statis pic of vacuum cleaner doesn't give any value.

    Screenshot after the delay.

  • maurismauris Member

    One more thing to complain about the new app:

    Notifications sent by "Wellbeing" are worse, they don't even fit to single line, even in case of the most simple event. This is issue when notifications are shortly shown on small screens like smartwatches or even on notification bar of a phone.

    Please keep notifications simple and informative.

  • maurismauris Member

    Another example about notifications:

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    It worked nicely and I thought it was less stressful than "Purei".

    However, there is a concern about the status display.

    I think it's better to show on the app screen that the app is communicating with the vacuum cleaner via the cloud.

    When I tapped the start button, there was no response, and I thought I couldn't tap the button, so I pressed the button again. However, it seems that cleaning was started with the first tap. It was in a paused state with the second tap.

    Also, when Purei9 is in the middle of cleaning, when I wake the iPhone and check the app, I get the message "The robot vacuum is not currently cleaning."

    At this time as well, it is better to indicate that the status is being checked so that you do not misunderstand.

  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member ✭✭

    Previously there were 2 almost identical apps, the light theme Electrolux app and the dark theme AEG app. There was no difference other than the light and dark theme and both apps were available in my region.

    Despite having an AEG robot, I preferred the Electrolux light theme app.

    Now we still have this ridiculous situation of 2 wellbeing apps, in the store but it's region locked, and I have no choice to run the doom and gloom dark theme AEG wellbeing :-(

    Cant we have one app, and have a theme setting?

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭


    Now I can connect to Purei9 in a Wi-Fi, 4G network environment. The problem was temporary.

    There are some problems that I noticed.

    * When I tap the contact information of the profile, the instruction manual page is displayed.(Japanese page)

    * It is not possible to check the status of the battery at any time. (Are you doing so intentionally?)

    * I can't change the name of a zone. (Zone selection> setting> Edit name> Complete button tap > Save button is grayed out) After, I noticed that when I swipe the map, the save button can be pressed, but I do not think this is the correct operation method.

  • maurismauris Member
    edited November 2020

    Looks like a new version is coming.

    Unfortunately major problems, like misssing totals and maps of earlier cleaning runs were not fixed.

  • petpet Member

    Is there a way to temporarily pause a scheduled cleaning? I have schedules for Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri. There are occasions where I want that the iPure doesn't start one of the scheduled cleanings but I haven't found an option from Wellbeing to pause a schedule. Is the only way to delete a schedule?

  • maurismauris Member

    In Pure i app is easy to untick scheduled cleanings:

    Wellbeing seems to have lost this feature, and the whole schedule looks much worse: The whole week doesn't even fit to the screen, wery inefficient use of screenspace.

    And please: 24h time, and week starting on Monday should be available option, if not the default.

  • maurismauris Member
    edited November 2020

    Responses to feedback in Google play tell that there should be lifetime totals visible if history is scrolled down. Martin is also referring to this. So I bemeve that developers think that totals should be there... Are they missing only in my device? Does someone else see for example total cleaning time?

    Below is my history when scrolled down, there are no lifetime totals visible (Unless you have less than 6 months history, and calculate sum by yourself, and even in that case there is no total time )

    This is latest app version today in Samsung S10.

  • maurismauris Member
    edited November 2020

    Today a new problem with Wellbeing:

    Same time when Pure i app is showing where the vacuum is during the cleaning, the Wellbeing app thinks that there is no Internet connection. (There surely was Internet connection, as I was streaming morning news from web tv same time with no connectivity issues.)

  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @mauris Does this loss of connection happen as well if you only open the Wellbeing app?

    Maybe the robot gets confused if it has to "talk" to two different apps at the same time.

  • maurismauris Member

    I have been using both apps parallel since I installed Wellbeing, so mostly they seems to be working even when they are open same time. This was first occurrence, so I don't know whether there is systematic pattern, or was it one time clitch. Need to follow behavior of these apps further.

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin


    All requests in this thread are great and we will deliver on them. It is coming in small improvements every 14th day. Happy to see that your ideas align very well with the teams ideas of a good experience.

    Two apps should not be an issue. The unavailable status is improved now and fixed in coming release.

    Keep commenting it is greatly appreciated and read by both product managers and developers

  • maurismauris Member
    edited November 2020

    Glad to hear that we are listened.

    This is actually quite fun, almost like you could participate development of the product which you purchased years ago, even in the form of trying to make sure that already frequently used features will not go away.

    Few of new things which would be very appreciated:

    - Lifetime statistics of battery charge cycles. (My cleaning lifetime is 762h now, which is probably like 1300 charge cycles, but not sure about that, anyway quite much for the battery.)

    - Ability to install replacement battery with higher capacity than original. ( At least firmware update & battery availability improvement needed.) This could actually bring more revenue for Electrolux with relatively little effort.

  • maurismauris Member

    Does this mean that the robot doesn't know where it is?

    Based on how it is wandering around it doesn't know the location... Is this indicated in app by not showing the vacuum on the map?

    Good detail is that the battery status is shown.

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    I think it would be good if the scheduled tasks could be selected on or off from the task list.

    It may be just a matter of the Japanese environment, but I am concerned about the following a points.

    In the start time column of the task editing screen, a small letter "start date and time" is displayed. I think that it is "start time" correctly, but I think that it is superfluous because this item name itself is the same as the column name.

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭


    I wish I could create a task that doesn't set the day of the week or the start time.

    I don't use the scheduling feature at all. I always choose some zones to clean and have them clean.

    It is troublesome to select the zone in the same way every time and change the cleaning mode.

    It would be very helpful if you could specify several zones and save the selected cleaning mode as a single task and select it from the task list and run it immediately.

    This was wanted in the previous app, but it was not realized.

  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @MartinKwarnmark I would like to see an easier access to the zone editing feature in the Wellbeing app (or maybe I just don't understand the new menu).

    Right now in the Android version 2.1.19706 it is kind of awkward to get into the edit mode as I have to save the already saved map again to be able to edit and or add zones.

    Moreover, I haven't figured out how to set the power level for the zones as there seems to be no option for this.

  • apjapj Member ✭✭

    @MartinKwarnmark The new Wellbeing app has no dedicated home button any more which has at least confused @osamson and me. Could you please add a little home icon to the cancel button? This would clarify things greatly.

  • maurismauris Member
    edited November 2020

    Here is some side by side comparisons of the two apps, "Wellbeing" on the right.

    When cleaning is ongoing:

    Additional find today: Looks that bot apps allow to add only one scheduled cleaning for each weekday, however "Wellbeing" UI allows to try adding the second one for the same day, but when saving it ends to unspecific error message.

    Apps run on Samsung S10 via Samsung DEX for side to side comparison.

  • maurismauris Member
    edited November 2020

    After todays update to Wellbeing, the scheduling problem mentioned in the previous post changed to this:

    Unfinished "Wellbeing" app is now compromising the previously working Purei app.

    Fortunately deleting the new task added in Wellbeing remedied the situation, the task list is again visible in Purei app.

  • maurismauris Member
    edited November 2020

    Hi, @apj

    I agree that adding capability to schedule several cleaning runs per day is progress. That's good fix for the problem in previous app where that was not possible. The issue here is that progress in particular area should not disable the function totally from the app which is currently the only one to be ready to use. (Good that this was reversible issue.)

    I'm really looking forward for the Wellbeing to become the app to be used in the future, there are many good sides as well especially combining many products to the same app.

    This new app is just not ready to be released yet, it's missing too many features which the Purei app does have.

    Wellbeing in it's current state should be released as somekind of pre-beta for users interested to be front line testers of fortcoming features (I would apply to be participate if that is provided).

    Purei should be the primary one until switch to Wellbeing doesn't cause any loss of functionality or user experience. Now we have been able to enjoy gradual improvements of the product both app and firmware during last years. We should not fall back now just because of the app is going to be moved on different platform.

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    Electrolux Wellbeing 2.2.20067

    Has anything changed? I tried to use it a little, but I hardly noticed any change.

    However, I think that the time from the start-up to the home screen is shortened by about 25%. I feel that the return at the time of application task switching has also become quick.

    By the way, the description of the update in the App Store is like this.

    “We are always doing our best to maintain smooth function and beautiful appearance.”

    It is one of the boilerplate texts used in the past, but I would like you to express a little more concrete improvement.

    I completely switched to "Wellbeing".

    Compared to "Purei", there is a lack of functionality, but since communication problems have been almost eliminated, it is comfortable and less stressful.

    I'm going to use 2.2 for a while to report problems, etc.

  • osamsonosamson Member ✭✭

    Wellbeing 2.2.20067

    There are some issues.

    • After operating on the screen of the robot vacuum cleaner, it returns to the home screen when closed. However, there were times when the device was not displayed on the home screen. (Reproduction condition unknown)
    • Select a zone on the map and rename it from the gear icon. However, the save button can not be pressed in gray. (Swipe anywhere on the map to press the button.) 
    • When I tap the start button, for a moment, the button will be light gray, but it is very difficult to understand. Also, there are about 5 seconds between when I tap the button and when the animation in communication appears. Therefore, it feels like the app does not accept the user's button operation.
  • SumitraVengalilSumitraVengalil Administrator admin

    Hi Osamson,

    Appreciate the feedback. They have been relayed to the APP team. Please continue using the app and help us make it better.

  • WelldoneWelldone Member

    New function: Combine zones as a group

    I'm not sure if posting my supplement proposal here is the right one...

    Please have a look at:

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