Cleaning carpet edges (borders)

WelldoneWelldone Member

Hello all

I have found that my Pure i9.2 often neglects the carpet edges. It usually cleans at a distance of 10cm, rarely it cleans right at the edge. I also tried it with a special zone, which unfortunately did not work.

Does anyone have a tip?

Thanks a lot!


  • WelldoneWelldone Member

    Addition: The last time with the same special zone for my carpet, the robot cleaned the edges very clean! Why now all of a sudden? I haven't changed anything....

  • WelldoneWelldone Member

    ... and today he again did NOT clean the carpet edges with the special zone. ☹️

    I noticed that the robot on the carpet, which is probably more difficult to handle, often vacuums the same place more than once, but forgets other zones (especially carpet edges). 🤔

    Why is this so?

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