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Cant select zones in schedule?

adam86aadam86a Member


When I go into schedule on the app and try to select a zone to avoid damaging one of our nice rugs the save button is greyed out. I also cant complete a custom clean as the clean now button is greyed out?

Any advice? Hopefully something simple im missing.

I have completed the latest update also but this didn't fix the issue


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  • adam86aadam86a Member

    I have the rug as an avoid zone. In my schedule it says clean "everything." I thought it would clean everything except the avoid zone but I often find the robot in the zone it shouldn't be as the brush gets stuck in the rug in my case.

    Is this normal to find it in an avoid zone?

    I have just created clean zones (which I have never done before) and they now come up under clean now and also in my schedule. I think I had just confused myself with the logic of how it worked.

  • frekanfrekan Member, Moderator mod


    The robot should not enter an AvoidZone, but it could happen if it is lost, or has not yet realized where it is in your FloorPlanner map for which you have define the zone.

    If the carpet is close to where the robot starts the cleaning session it might not yet have localized itself in the map. If you observe the live map in the app you can see the point in time when the robot loads the FloorPlanner map and the AvoidZone. Sometimes it is right after backing out of the charger but sometimes it can take longer.

    It could also be a good idea to add some more margin for the AvoidZone (make it slightly bigger) since it may be difficult to place it just right.

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