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I bought my pi92 February this year and I just noticed that The total cleaning time was indicating 2295 hours already. I managed to trace the faulty time indication to a day in March where the app claims the robot took 2250 hours to clean 12 square meters. I’m addition to this, that very cleaning session is indicated being in December although the month selected is March. See picture. My question is how do I remove this erroneous information?




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    Hi, unfortunately I don't know either how to edit or remove the erroneous entry from the statistics page. I have however an explanation on how they might come into existence:
    Today I have given my robot a thorough scrubbing including the roller brush. Before that I have switched it completely off. Afterwards I started it manually directly after "wake-up". It seems, that the robot looses the time- and calendar-settings on a complete shutdown and sets this information only later, when the connection to the cloud is restored. So, my robot too has now a 2315 hours cleaning in its statistics

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    Greetings, sadly I don't know either how to alter or expel the wrong passage from the measurements page. I have anyway a clarification on how they may appear

  • RankingMomRankingMom Member

    I purchased my pi92 February this year and I recently saw that The all out cleaning time was showing 2295 hours as of now. I figured out how to follow the flawed time sign to a day in Spring where the application guarantees the robot took 2250 hours to clean 12 square meters.

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    i just noticed that my total cleaning time seems correct, probably after some update.


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    The app/cloud team have rolled out a fix for this problem. Some people were seeing crazy cleaning times on new robots, but the problem should now be fixed in an updated version.

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