Hidden SSID

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I would like to connect the robot to my hidden IoT wifi but I can only connect to visible SSID. The reason is I want my IoT devices on a separate Wifi VLAN for security.
I would also like to add a static IP for better management.

I can connect to the IoT wifi if I make it visible but I get disconnected when I hide the SSID after pairing. Anyone seen the same issue?


  • apjapj Member ✭✭
    edited April 2020

    What is the reason you would like to suppress broadcasting of the SSID?
    If it is out of security concerns I'm afraid to maybe have to disappoint you. A hidden SSID doesn't make your WLAN "invisible" - it just makes it more "interesting" for the really bad guys. It is like setting a system to NOT answer to ping.
    If security is your motivation, have all of your devices on the latest firmware levels, use the best available encryption with a really long arbitrary PSK (64 characters!) and maybe have multiple independent WLANs that are in no way interconnected.
    https://www.accessagility.com/blog/why-ssid-hiding-is-not-secure might explain, why hiding the SSID isn't the best of all ideas

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