Why doesn’t i9 try more ways to get unstuck?

KatharinaKatharina Member

My i9 is trying to return to the charger, but its position is off, as usual.

When it cannot exit the room as expected it just goes back and forth in the same spot, which is stupid because trying the exact same thing will produce the same result.

Doesn’t the algorithm have strategies for when the reality and the map don’t add up?

Why doesn’t it try to find a wall and reorient itself by following the edges of the room until it can match what it registers with an area on the map of that room?

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  • borilboril Member

    I saw mine doing the same quiet often but with the latest version 40.18 - it happened only once so far.

  • KatharinaKatharina Member

    I will try to be more patient next time to see if it will switch strategies, then.

    I wish there was some way to see its status in real time, to get more insight into how it interprets its environment, and what strategy it is pursuing, when it realises it is lost, etc. That would be fun :)

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