My robots memory or lack of it.

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We have had our Purei9 for some months now and still have not managed to create a map that we might zone. We have deleted maps from time to time in order to make a fresh start and have moved the base station a couple of times but never have we managed to create a map of our entire home that we might then zone.

Albeit we have a larger home, but on a single level with a simple layout. Robbie tries hard to map it but never manages to include the final two rooms.

Sometimes she will clean both but only add one of them to the map she generates.
Sometimes she will clean one room but only a small square in the other and claim she has completed the job.
Sometimes she will additionally not bother to clean another room but still claim to have completed everything.
Often too, after attempting to clean the two rooms she has a problem with, she will get totally lost on the way home.

Overall it seems perhaps she may have a memory problem. The two problematic rooms are the furtherest from "home" and possibly by the time she gets around to them she does not have sufficient memory to add their combined details to her map and maybe even overwrites her recollection of the way home way home in her efforts to map the place fully.

'tis frustrating for we believe she has the makings of a good member of our family but just doesn't quite fit in at the moment. Can anyone suggest a course of memory training for our Robbie?

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    Thanks Magnus,

    Simply didn't realize that Robbie has similar work ethic to my wife.

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    Tried your suggestions and thoughts but Robbie continues to be a bit of a pain.
    Frustrated, I deleted her map this morning and shutting doors and thing, as you suggested to restrict the area she needed to cover, and set her off at 0715 to do her thing.
    As expected, she cleaned her way from home, down through the kitchen and off into the passage to address the two rooms that have been problems to clean these months since Robbie joined our family.
    0845 A little earlier than expected being in ECO mode though partly on carpet, she advised she needed to pause for charging, put her red light on and began the journey home.
    Minutes later she was out of the room she was working on and along the short passage to the kitchen.
    In the kitchen it soon became obvious she was either lost or had experienced a lapse of memory for she went back and forth turning small pirouettes, though very slowly making some overall progress toward the other end of the kitchen and home despite much back tracking.
    1111 she eventually reached the other end of the kitchen and headed for home. 2 hours and 21 minutes to find her way along, virtually, a straight and totally empty passage 8 metres long, 1.2 metres wide and through a doorway 1.5 metres across. Robbie does have a problem; this is the same area she has always got lost in as well as frequently shutting down in it having run out of power, so perhaps we must assume it is possibly caused by our very simple kitchen. Incidentally we have, in the past, additionally tried to get over Robbie’s ability to get lost in this area by cleaning at different times of the day, curtains open and closed and artificial lighting on and off but none of these changes have made any difference.
    You have assured me that Robbie has plenty of memory, which rules out forgetfulness, so my mind turns to a lack of the navigational skills required to retrace her steps through our featureless kitchen.
    Watching her pirouettes at doorways, corners, furniture and the like I would guess that she is memorising visual fixes. However, with our very simple and unfurnished kitchen many of her fixes may appear exactly the same; a continuous white wall and skirting to one side and a parallel black wall and skirting to the other side. Is this confusing her or perhaps is it that she doesn’t realise that she should be counting identical fixes to ensure she remembers they are made in differing places?
    Anyway at 1115 Robbie arrived home and posted herself as charging.
    A minute late I received a message from her telling me “Cleaning complete, but I Could not find home”. Obvious wrong on both counts; she still had to recharge and return the room she had not completed before returning to charge at 0845 and she was obvious home because her status had changed to “I am Charging”.
    But wait, there is more. There was the outside chance that at 1245 or maybe 1315 Robbie, having made a pitstop, would head out to complete the job. No; checking I found she was simply saying “My battery is Low” so I can but assume her status showing she was charging at 1115 was somewhat misleading.
    I have included pictures of our, obviously, problematic kitchen and the odd screenshot for your consideration in determining if we need to rebuild our kitchen or return Robbie for advanced training at little robot school.

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    This discussion has been marked as "answer accepted".

    Yes the original answer was accepted but subsequently found to be incorrect in that it did not solve the problem.

    The initial information supplied has been added to and despite further posts requesting that the issue be readdressed and detailed documentation being supplied there has been no response from Electrolux.

    I have, after five months, discovered and demonstrated an apparent flaw in the Purei9's navigational abilities and have physically demonstrated a solution that overcomes the deficiency. Full details have been provided to Electrolux through this forum and through Electrolux support in Australia and I await any response.

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