Any experience with UPC Giga Box and Pure i9 connection?


is there anybody out there who has experience with the new UPC Cablecom Giga Box and successfully connected the Pure i9? There seem to be many devices not ready to be connected to this Internet Modem. This is potentially only related to Switzerland where the modem is offered by the carrier.


  • Do you have a pure i9.1 (the older model) or the latest pure i9.2?
    At least the original pure i9.1 models have only 2,4 GHz WLAN capability and - with older firmware - a bug which lets them identify as 5 GHz "ready" (which they are not!).
    Try this: Please disable the 5 GHz WLAN of the Giga Box and retry the enrollment.
    If this works, update the robots firmware to latest version via the app, then reenable the 5 GHz WLAN of the Giga Box and see, if the robot still can connect to it.

  • Thanks I have the Pure i9.2. Will try to connect once I have a Giga Box.

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