App display is different from purei9

Yesterday evening,Purei9 returned home.

When I checked the app this morning,it says "Battery charge level is low." 

But when I check the Purei9,the battery gauge is fully charged. 

I set the Purei9 body back to home. Once again,when I checked the app,it changed to "preparing" display.

iPhone ver.6.4

Purei9 ver.38.7


  • raahlbraahlb admin

    To help me understand the situation: it was not cleaning when it displayed "Battery charge level is low", and hadn't since the evening before?

    By the gauge being full, you mean the battery icon was not blinking on the robot?

    "Preparing"? You mean "preparing to start"?

  • osamsonosamson
    edited June 27

    I'm sorry,my explanation wasn't enough.

    Purei9 starts cleaning.Along the way,Purei9 returns for charging .

    I pressed the “X”button on the application and canceled the cleaning.

    The charge continues. 

    The next morning I checked the application. The screen says "The battery charge level is low."

    But charging time should be enough. I was suspicious and checked the vacuum cleaner.

    The battery gauge of the vacuum cleaner is full and the battery icon is not flashing.

    I removed the vacuum cleaner from the charging base and set it back on. 

    The application's screen is now "I am ready".

  • OK I'll try

  • This is an rbl file.Zip-compressed.

    However,the day after the problem occurred,the vacuum cleaner worked.

    Isn't this helpful?

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