I want to configure the number of cleaning sessions.

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As it is now,
I can never predict how many times the robot will start cleaning.

It is set to start at 7 in the morning.
In a day it runs about 3-4 sessions.
It seems not start after 7 in the evening.

What mechanisms are in play here?
Is this behaviour inherent?
Can I limit the number of session to any number.
Can I program it to run 24 hours a day?

Configurability seems very limited.
What are the limitations and defaults?
Are there any plans to improve this?

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  • Hi Anders,
    THe robot will not stop at a certain time but when all the areas that the robot can reach are cleaned. The only limit we currently have on recarges during cleaning is set by the memory usage of the robot. It is usually between 4 and 5 cleaning hours.
    We are planning on increasing user power ower cleanings so keep an eye out for the updates

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