Cannot hook up more than one Apple IOS device simultaneously

I add device 1, an iPad.
Works fine

I then Add device 2, another iPad.
Works fine too,
the first iPad looses its connection.

I believe two or more devices can be connected at the same time.
Electrolux support confirms it, but NO.
It does not work.

What am I doing wrong?

/Anders J


  • Trying to control one device from two controllers.
    Only one can control one device.
    We have four possible controlling units, but only one can control at any one time.
    Another point may be updates to screen. It would have to multiplex outputs to all currently connected devices, which is quite a complex bit of design work with current networks and processors, and may impact the price considerably. Then the “I” devices would have to update each other, and I could imagine the confusion if the screens on all controllers were jumping and moving without being touched.
    We often look from two devices, but the latest peek at the i9’s progress is then the controlling device, almost like last on is in control, until the other takes over, then the previous control is dropped in favour of the more recent.
    We took it as logical, as one saying off, the other saying Home would confuse our i9.

  • In my world this sounds like bull shit.
    With proper engineering and system programmers that know what they are doing
    this should be relatively easy.

    I understand that having two devices on line with the robots simultaneously may
    be an issue. If device #2 wants to connect just say it cannot be done at the present since someone else is already connected.

    What happens now is that the first device permanenlty looses its configuration
    when device 2 is configured.

    That is bad engineering and/or a bug.
    Fix it.

  • Hi,

    Please see the answer to this discussion:

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