Does not tell when dustbin is full/roller gets full

After upgrade to 35.15 it does not signal when the dustbin is full. It continues to work and then leaves big chunks of dust on the carpets and floor. The roller underneath also gets clogged when the bin is full, this is were the "leftovers" come from. See attached pictures.
I´m doing some serious cleaning of the unit now.

The problem we had earlier with it getting lost is much better!


  • Hi AnnaH,
    Welcome to the community!
    It looks and sounds like your brush roll is not spinning anymore. It should not be possible for it too look like that if it is spinning.
    Try cleaning it from all the dust. After that put your hand under while it is running and feel it the brush is spinning.
    If it is you will have to clean the robot more often and we will have to look at why it is not signaling. If it does not spin you need to contact service on the number that is available through the application. They can help with a repair.

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