Error msg e:20 - what to do?

Hi Everyone,

i have had my PUREi9 for three weeks and have occurred two issues being that a) it has only ever returned to the dock once (has been ran 10 times manually) and b) for the past three cleaning sessions an E:20 message has come up when i manually return it to the docking station.
The house is flat wood surfaces with no rugs or carpet and is a very open configuration, there is no direct/harsh sunlight that enters the house however it is very well lit naturally (good ol aussie sunshine). At present we currently don't have wifi set up (hopefully will in the next few weeks) to which i have read that it shouldn't affect the machines ability.

what i have done to try and rectify:
a) The base is in the most centralised location (against one of the structural beams) in hope that it will be easier to find however it still does not return "home" even when i press that button to test. i have tried against one of our outer walls however the same issue.

b) i have followed the troubleshooting but i keep getting the same error message referring to the base - even though that its the authentic base that it came with. i have used a soft micro-fiber cloth to clean both the connection points but still no avail. i have had to turn both the charger and the machine off until it gets fixed.

Hopefully this is a quick fix - otherwise i will be severely disappointed at spending this much money to have to take back to the store for a possible refund/return. looking forward to any tips/tricks or general knowledge about this.

thanks and have a great day!

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  • aanderaander
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    Update - this has been sorted and replaced due to massive malfunctions on the base and connectors. If anyone else encounters this error, trouble shoot via the manual, try to call the helpline (enjoy the hold music for 45 + minutes! that's even if you get through) then go straight to the place you brought it from with all original packaging and manuals (who are a lot more helpful) and it'll get sorted under warranty; rather than waiting for "assistance" via the forum. Have good day everyone! :)

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