Keeps repeating cleaning pattern

Hi guys, so I purchased our Purei9 yesterday and started it up straightaway. It seems very reluctant to vary its cleaning pattern. Keeps going over and over the same areas. Started fresh again today and same thing. I now have a super clean 'section' of my dining room, but the rest of the very open, large, uncluttered living area is being completely ignored!
Any moment now it's going to need to recharge again, so back to where we started!
They are hardwood floors and there is plenty of natural light. I'm starting to think even if it does decide to clean futher further afield, its going to take a month to vacuum just the living area alone.

Would changing the charging location make any difference? Why is it stuck in this area?

Thanks for any feed back or advice you have!



  • Hi Mardee,
    Welcome to the community!
    The behaviour of your robot sounds strange.
    First you should make sure that the robot is upgraded to the latest software. The number is 35.15, can be checked under robot settings in the application.

    Changing charger location can be a good idea. That will change how your robot sees your home.

    If that does not solve your problem it would be helpful with a picture or a movie of your robot in action and the charger location.


  • Thanks so much for answering my question Martin.

    So some good news, firstly, I did change the charger location, it was intially very close to some very large floor to ceiling glass doors, and I think this was interfering.

    Since moving it to a regular inside wall, it is working great!

    In relation to my other issue of returning to the charger, it can still take some time and do some crazy things on the way, but no where near like it was.

    I updated the software, and it is now cleaning the majority of the house, I also put it on eco mode, and that definately helps without affecting the cleaning outcome.

    So all in all, now happy with it, and just hoping it continues to behave itself!

    Thanks again, Mardee

  • Great to hear that it works better!

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