Charge display lamp not turn on

I would like to ask :
Today I bought a PUREi9 vacuum robot , at first put it on the charge plate , the battery charge lamp is on , then I tried to install app and setup WiFi succeed
And after I push updated and the robot showed 100%update , but the status is still on the updating
And then the charge lamp is off after the robot said something I didn’t hear clearly
Until now 3 hours after the robot’s charge lamp is still off
Is it normal ?
I have checked the power line plug is plugged and the robot was bought 5 hours ago , please don’t ask me to clean the charge connector
Is there anyone to help me to answer is it normal or not

Best Answer

  • ncytncyt
    Accepted Answer

    I took off battery and connected them back after 1 minute
    The power turned on again

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