Charge display lamp not turn on

I would like to ask :
Today I bought a PUREi9 vacuum robot , at first put it on the charge plate , the battery charge lamp is on , then I tried to install app and setup WiFi succeed
And after I push updated and the robot showed 100%update , but the status is still on the updating
And then the charge lamp is off after the robot said something I didn’t hear clearly
Until now 3 hours after the robot’s charge lamp is still off
Is it normal ?
I have checked the power line plug is plugged and the robot was bought 5 hours ago , please don’t ask me to clean the charge connector
Is there anyone to help me to answer is it normal or not


  • Hi ncyt,
    Welcome to the community
    I'm not completely sure that I understand what you mean but I can try to explain how it should behave.

    THe display will turn off when the robot is in the charger, even though it is charging. This is done to save energy and to not disturb. If you take the robot out of the charger and put it back in the display should light up and the battery icon flash a few times to show you that the robot has electrical contact with the charger.

    The normal way to see your robot if you walk by is with a totally black display.

    If you don't get the flashing battery icon when you insert the robot in the charger there could be a problem with your charger. Keep us updated here on how you progress

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