Skips narrow areas with carpet

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I have noticed that the robot skips cleaning narrow areas covered partially by a carpet.

Our bedroom has a double bed with drawers under, making the open bedroom floor "U-shaped". The bed is on a carpet. One side of the room only gets vacuumed if we flip up the carpet on that side.

Will this be improved in upgrades?

Otherwise great stuff, this is the no 1 time saver here. And the floors have never been this dust free.


  • That's correct - the robot is programmed to first clean along carpet edges (unless the carpet is very thin) and then "climb" up/down over the edge and clean there. We did this to dig in better under the edge with the side brush and to minimize the crossings of the carpet edge, since there is a risk of crumpling the carpet and/or getting stuck on it. But the drawback is that the robot doesn't dare to climb unless there is enough space on the other side of the carpet to fit a full robot - otherwise it might get stuck "hanging" halfway up/down the carpet edge.

    We've thought about ways to improve this, either by measuring the carpet height and the gap and taking a calculated risk if the carpet looks low enough, or by using some kind of learning by "trial and error". It's still not on top of our priority list, but if enough users think it's an important improvement, it could very well make it into a release sometime soon.

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