Admin, would need your help

Greetings, I have encountered E42 error code, have tried resetting the robot and have made sure the app and robot has the latest software, but error code still persists. Is there an explanation as to what causes this error code?

Can I reset the robot? Something like a reboot to its default setting?

I do understand that wifi icon blinking indicates that the wifi is down, but is the whole screen supposed to be blinking? What is the cause of this?


  • Hi there,

    A persistent E42 error code is usually an indication of some hardware failure and in rare cases the software.
    Does the error code pop-up AFTER you press PLAY and the robot starts cleaning? If it pops up every time after a short while into cleaning, there is a good chance for an internal hardware failure and i'm afraid you will have to take it to the service center to get it fixed.

    You can reset the robot by acknowledging the error and that resets it to the default settings.
    When the robot has paused due to an error during cleaning, the whole screen will blink.

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