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Pure i9 dead

Lauri59Lauri59 Member

My Pure i9 is completely dead. No reaction on any button, does not charce, no signal nor message, total silence. All cables and connections checked and cleaned. What to do next ?

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  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin
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    This is most likely a dead/broken battery. If you have a volt meter at home you can check the voltage across the charger pads on the station (should be 22V). Then you can take out the batteries and measure them. There are 4 contacts on each pack in a square arrangement, measure across diagonally opposite pairs (corner to corner). If you don't get at least 5V on any of the pairs then your batteries are no good. You should contact electrolux service to arrange a new set.

    If you prefer, they can do all the checks for you.

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