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new app... again

mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭
in Q&A

So why the new app? I'm on my 3rd iteration of the vacuuming app.

Seems ok but also seems the same as wellbeing.


  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member ✭✭

    Indeed, 3rd app for 1 product. What's going on with product teams when they need to rewrite so many times. Who is accountable for this?

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    Some pretty obvious bugs in it too. Issues that weren't there in the other apps, which suggests an entirely new code base.

  • vespamanvespaman Member ✭✭
    edited June 13

    I haven't got the new app yet, but Wellbeing at least covered other things than the Pure i9 series (the air purifiers etc), and I suspect the new one covers even more products in the Electrolux giant portfolio? At least "Wellbeing" was a big step up for us with more than one device. The first app was rather complicated to change between devices.

    So I am actually looking forward getting the new app, whenever I will receive it. :)

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