Battery spearpart for my Pure i9

I took my robot to a local reapair center and they say the battery is dead. Where can I buy a spear battery?


  • Hi Kjartan,
    There is a link to the webstore in the application. The batteries for motion sense works for Pure i9. They are sometimes labeled wrong depending on the location of the webshop.
    How old is your robot? You should still be valid for the guarantee on the batteries. If so contact your local support (the number can be found in the application) they should be able to handle this in a simple way for you.

  • Contact your Electrolux Home Products in your country, they will look into this for you pretty quickly.
    Where in the world are you?

  • Is it possible to purchase new batteries with higher capacity?
    The battery capacity is the weak link in the robot.

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