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New version 43.14

DeelDeel Member
in Q&A

Anyone know any new features?

Change log?


  • MrBrezelMrBrezel Member

    For me the only difference is that it broke my IFTTT integration :)

  • borilboril Member ✭✭

    I'm also interested to know what's new or what was fixed in 43.14 ?

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    There were no major functional differences in 43.14. The fixes related to:

    • more accurate edge, obstacle and threshold detection
    • improved onboarding
    • threshold climbing improvements
    • smoother undocking movement 
    • as well as support for an end-of-life hardware component change

    IFTTT support is handled (or not) by the electrolux cloud, it doesn't depend on the robot's firmware.

  • NofferNoffer Member

    After my Pure i9.2 has been updated to 43.14 it won't go to my bathroom it's just looking at the door step and just say that the cleaning is done and returns to the dock.

    I tryed to delete the map and make a new one, and let it clean 4 times with out success.

    It seems to think the door step is to tall to go over.

    Hope you have a solution for this.

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    The robot has a limit of about 22mm for thresholds, Anything higher and it risks getting stuck there and not being able to get home to the charger. It should avoid crossing any thresholds (door step) higher than this limit, this is probably what you are seeing.

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