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Pure i9 stopping and restarting randomly

BaxaBaxa Member
in Q&A

My robot started stopping randomly after a few (sometimes 1-2 sometimes 15) minutes, with a "cleaning cancelled because of an error" message. After that it reboots and forgets the work done.

The standard user friendly solutions (reboot, reconnect, clean ect...) have been done.

Anybody has any solutions for that problem? Or its a software failure?

Here is the log file for professionals:

Thanks for your help


  • NiclasKNiclasK Member, Moderator mod

    I'm sorry to hear that the robot has started to restart randomly.

    Thanks for sending the log files! I will look at the logs and see what the problem is.

  • NiclasKNiclasK Member, Moderator mod

    @Baxa, how long have you had the robot? and where in the world are you located?

  • BaxaBaxa Member
    edited May 13


    I bought it on 2022. february 10th.

    I live in Hungary, Europe.

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin


    Thanks for posting the log files. We can see that this is an unusual fault, and we'd like to have a look at the robot to investigate. I have asked our Hungarian service team to contact you (using the email address you registered on this forum) to arrange this. Please let us know if there is some other way they should contact you.

  • BaxaBaxa Member


    Thanks for your support!

    Email works fine for me for contact.

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