i9 won't find our rooms

I've been watching the map, from work, in the app (4.0,) and only one day of five the i9 really had cleanded the whole apartment area. It says Cleaning Complete, but sometimes missed one or two large rooms. (The doors are wide open and not any high thresholds). Today, when home, i followed the i9 on place. In the hallway, where it has access to three rooms. It just stood and looked into the the kitchen for a while, turned around and went back and cleaned another room (as its already had cleanded). Then went back to home and said Cleaning Completed. I have restarted i9, but the problem still there. It just won't clean the whole area... far from. One day of five... not so good i think. Anyone have some tips for us? :-) Thanks!


  • Hi Martin,

    It happened the same with me: the robot was often skipping our bedroom while door was widely open and without thresholds. After some weeks the robot got "smarter" and now it never misses it. My guess is they have corrected some bugs in latest updates.

    Let the experts answer here :)

  • Hi Martin,
    Sorry to hear that your robot is not always acting logically.
    The reason for not entering rooms is quite hard to say. It can depend on the threshold and the floor behind the threshold. The robot scans the threshold and at the same time looks at the other side of it to determine if it is safe to climb or if there is for example a staircase on the other side.
    Could you upload a few pictures of the threshold and entry to see if there is anything we can find or if this is something else that is going on with it?


  • ZugieZugie
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    Hi, and thanks a lot for your answers.
    I'll upload some pictures here. The thresholds are all the same. Made of meal and slight "sloping".
    You can also see the maps for three days. One completed. And the other two with a missed room on each day. The same conditions for all three days.
    (On one pic, the i9 has found a bathroom as usually has it's door closed. With a tree threshold! Maybe you got som tips for me? Thanks in awards!

  • ...made of METAL of course... sorry...

  • P1rP1r admin
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    Hi Zugie.

    Could you try and tape over one of the thresholds and see if it makes a difference?
    If it does it might be related to the reflectance of the metal threshold.
    Sometimes I have looked at the map and been confused why it have skipped a room but later realized that the door was not fully open.

    Best Regards

  • Hi Zugie, if you want more specific feedback, we could look at your (encrypted) log files from a run. Sometimes, the logs say why the robot chose not to climb a threshold.

    If you're interested, just do a normal run and let the robot go back to the charger and stop. Then connect a PC to the robot through the USB connector below the lid of the dustbin. The robot will show up as a USB memory stick, with a large log file on it. It is encrypted, but if you post it (or mail it to [email protected]), we can decrypt it and check if the logs say what happened.


  • Thanks a lot for your answers. It seems to work much better now! The i9 find all the rooms, most of it's cleanings. I haven't done something special. After a few days, a week, it just started work better... :-) Hope it continues that way....

  • Sorry to say that the problems are back. Worse than ever. Last time my robot did a complete cleaning was 8 oct. Now it misses most of the rooms every day. .. It begins to be real annoying... See my pictures. 8 oct and today for example... Can it be the new firmware?

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