Ability to turn off the feature of level difference on different side of a threshold

Our PURE i92 refuses to pass a threshold, that definitaly is not to high, in the direction where the floor in the room it should enter is a bit lower than the room it starts from. The other way it passes the threshold very nicely. So it is nor a mechanical issues, more of a "mental" issue for the robot :-)

I definitely want an update in the app where this feature could be checked off, or access to the code in the firmware so that can be changed there! I guess that the feature is there to prevent the robot from going down a staircase, but we do not have that problem in our home.

Please, Electrolux, give us an answer, this problem is really unnecessary!

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    We have considered doing this for a long time, but the various safety regulations which apply to domestic products don't allow us to let customers disable safety features such as this one.

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