Pure i9.2 navigation issues

Gav24088Gav24088 Member

I’ve had a pure i9.2 for about a year now. It’s operated well, navigating to where it needs to go etc. Just recently however, it has suddenly become lost for no apparent reason. Sometimes it leaves the charger and seems to randomly wander without vacuuming before returning to the charger after about 15 minutes and telling me it has “finished cleaning” I’ve tried to reset the robot several times and there appears to be no problems with the map that it has always used. It just seems to have become confused all of a sudden and can’t seem to find where it needs to go. Has anyone else had this issue?


  • kaimpskaimps Member

    yep same problem, the updates have broken this thing.

  • Gav24088Gav24088 Member

    I had a small win today. I blocked off most of the kitchen/dining area where the base is located by using chairs turned on their sides. I set the vac to clean “everywhere” rather than scheduled zones. This seemed to force the robot to re-explore the bedrooms and farthest areas away from the base. It was then able to navigate its way back to the base via the same guided route. So far it’s been able to find its way around again, but we’ll see!

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin


    We haven't released any SW updates for several months now, so any recent changes will more likely be caused by a change in the environment (e.g. new/moved furniture, sun shining at a low angle not previously encountered) or some change in the robot's condition (e.g. dusty camera window, laser windows).

    You can visually check the state of the robot for dust or damage which might affect the camera or laser windows on the front.

    Also, think about what (if any) changes have been made in the robot's environment. It's possible that, for example, its favourite path to a designated cleaning zone has become a little too narrow, or something like that.

  • Gav24088Gav24088 Member

    Thanks Mark, it seems that operating the robot in “clean everywhere” mode once seemed to reorientate it. It now finds its way around without too much trouble. Maybe it’s like me and needs reminding occasionally!

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