Rx9 not attempting to travel to non-contiguous zone

phil700phil700 Member

See my maps - my robot just comes out of its base and then goes back in when I ask it to clean any of my zones that are not actually next to the base. Is there any reason for this? Is it worth me just trying to train it more into the zones by using pieces of wood to obstruct other travel directions? Should I just scrap my maps and start all over again (again!)? Any help gratefully received



  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin


    If the robot backs out of the charger to start a zone cleaning, but then stops and goes back in, it is because it thinks it doesn't know the way to the zone which it has been ordered to clean. If this happens repeatedly it can mean that the robot's internal map has somehow gotten mixed up. Deleting it (the app lets you do this) and letting the robot make new maps will usually help.

  • phil700phil700 Member

    Ok thanks :)

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