Robot Pure 9.2 does not recognize a room as a room!

luxlux Member

It refuses to enter the room! The door is in the end of a short corridor and the door has almost the same width as the corridor. Could that be the problem? How do I force the robot to enter the room.

One way that seems or should be possible is that you should be allowed to manually extend the map that the robot draws and then in my case include the not recognised room.

Have you any plans for radical changes in the app? I compare with other robots apps and find that the Wellbeing app is far behind in development.


  • apjapj Member ✭✭
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    @lux Try this: Take the base temporarily to the non-mapped room and start the cleaning manually. If the robot only cleans this room and then stops, there is a problem with the threshold.

    Ideally the robot would clean the room and then wander into already mapped territory and on returning to the newly placed base "connect" the maps on completion.

    please see:

    If this works, you can put the base back into its original position and look if the robot now enters the newly mapped room as well. If not, there might be a problem with the threshold from this side (could you please post a picture of the threshold - if any?)

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