Unused LED's on the Pure i9

MikeyMikey Member

I have the first generation of the Pure i9 and i have noticed 5 or 6 bars at the bottom of the display and i don't know what they are used for. I also noticed that the weekdays are at the top of the display and i don't know what they are used for either. Any help to activating them or at least tell me what they are or were used for


  • WorkaWorka Member

    There is a non APP controlled Version of PureI9 German Version (AEG RX9) that is called RX8.

    I think you can set a cleaning schedule on this model to.

    Without an App, you need more optical Feedback in the Robots Display, to make any settings.

    Maybe both models are almost the same and PureI9/RX9 does not use this Part of the Led Panel.

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin


    What you can see are the gaps in the mask applied to the user interface plastic to let the light through from the LEDs on the board underneath.

    These aren't used at all on production robots. They were intended to be used for some functions which we decided were much more convenient to be done via the app. On later production models there are not even any LEDs under the mask you can see.

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