Paused for charging - forever

Just recently the Purei9 gives up after a few minutes cleaning, returns to the charging station; the app says "Paused for charging; cleaning will resume shortly". It doesn't, though the battery was said to be "medium" before starting and it has been docked for more than an hour now.


  • MikeyMikey Member

    The original Pure i9 doesn't calculate hgow much of the map is left to be cleaned when it returns to charge the battery, so it just charges the battery until it's fully charged, then it goes out to clean again.

    Hope this helps!

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  • No, please read carefully, if you're not a bot. Docked for more than an hour, did not resume. Are you claiming it takes more than 1 h to charge from medium to full?

  • MikeyMikey Member

    In some cases, Yes! It can take 1 hr to charge from medium to full. if it still hasn't started after another hour then try to remove the batteries and wait a minute, then put the batteries back in and turn it on. (sorry for the late reply)

    Hope this helps!


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    It can take over an hour to charge the batteries.

    You can see if the batteries are still charging because the battery symbol, along with the start button and the home button will be blinking on the robot's display while the charging is going on. If the display indicates this, the robot is making a "pit-stop" and will go back out and resume cleaning after the batteries are full enough.

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    I have had all sorts of battery woes. I had my original batteries fail after a couple of years, the replacements from Electrolux UK failed after 3 months, and the replacements aren't much better either. The Pure i9 gets 15 minutes cleaning before it goes back to the charger. As a result, it spends almost an entire day cleaning the ground floor, when it used to complete it in a single session in about 40 minutes.

    I believe the stock of batteries that Electrolux UK have are essentially faulty, or have been stored incorrectly.

    Anyone else having similar issues with reliability of battery stock?

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