Brush roller stuck error Pure i9

Good day

I have read all the related comments on the stuck brush roller issue. I have cleaned the the red brush turning mechanism and also sprayed it with oil to see if it moves better but without any luck.

Could you please mail me with an estimation of only fixing/replacing this part. The brush roller itself is still in good condition.

My mail address [email protected]

Thank you



  • AlanAlan Member

    I have exactly the same problem. What should I do?

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  • I fixed it myself, at the one end of the brush roll is the red little wheel which was fine, but the other end had a square that fits into a socket in the machine, the brush was stuck on that end so I sprayed some CRC in that end and twisted it until it came loose and worked again.

  • DragonDragon Member

    When I asked support from Electrolux for this same problem their pages said: "there are no maintainance/service for this vacum cleaner"

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    If the red wheel which sits in the robot and drives the brush roll is stuck, you will need to contact Eletctrolux service to get it fixed.

    Hair is often drawn into the ends of the brush roll (on all kinds of vacuum cleaners, not just robots) and it needs to be removed regularly before it builds up into a big hard mass. If it is there for too long it can jam the mechanism, or in some cases get warm from the friction of the rolling brush and deform the surrounding plastic, which can also jam the mechanism.

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