how do I update firmware via the AEG Wellbeing app

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sorry to ask an elementary question but I have just purchased an AEG Rx9.2 with the weelbeing app and robot software is version 39.20. I cannot see any option to update this - reading your posts, it sounded like you can do this via one of the apps rather than just USB - am I not ubnderstanding something? Many thanks, Phil.

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  • phil700phil700 Member
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    thanks Mark - yes it was connected fine to the internet but was not updating ??for at least 3 or 4 days I think - however I installed the old purei9 app and updated from there in the split second before it told me there was a new app! Hopefully will now do any further updates automatically as you say :)


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    Hi! Sorry for the late answer, I missed this question somehow. If you onboard your robot so that it can be controlled by the wellbeing app, it should automatically update itself to the latest firmware version.

    This can take a couple of days, as we "spread out" the updates so that thousands of robots aren't all trying to update at the same time. If you have trouble getting your robot connected to the cloud (and therefore it won't update itself) you may need to try the USB update method discussed elsewhere on the forum.

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