My pure i9.2 Neves enter in The bathroom


I start tô use my pure I9.2 today and He maps all my apartament but the bathroom, He nevers enter in my bathroom, is there any way to force hum tô enter?

Thank you


  • apjapj Member ✭✭


    Take the robot to the bathroom and start a cleaning cycle from there. If possible, the robot will leave the bathroom and continue with the rest of the apartment. Eventually it will recognise its position from the existing and/or "see" the docking station on its way.

    Once it returns to the docking station it will connect the bathroom to the existing map.

    It may be possible the robot stops the cleaning right in the bathroom at the point you put it. Then you will know that it cannot leave the bathroom. Maybe there is a threshold too high to climb or another obstacle.

    Good luck!

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