Why does my Pure i9.2 frequently stop, tells me it has an error (without a code)

JodieOJodieO Member

Every 5 - 10 mins after commencement of cleaning my vacuum stops, tells me there is an error without a code. Then after 2 minutes it then tells me it is available. All the while not recording any cleaning in the Wellbeing APP


  • aerialsaerials Member

    We have the same issue with a Pure i9, completely out of the blue. Our last successful cleaning was on October 13th, since then no luck. The robot seems to crash internally, is completely dark and starts rebooting when put in the charging base.

    Our device is on firmware 42.19.

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    Hi! Have you heard what the robot says when the error occurs? If you have chosen to mute the robot's sound (this is done in the app) then you won't hear anything, but otherwise it will usually say what kind of error has occurred.

    From your description it sounds like an "internal error", since these usually cause the robot to reboot afterwards.

    If you hear the error message, but it is not obvious to you what the problem is, then contact your local electrolux service office.

  • JodieOJodieO Member

    Hi. Mute is off and it doesn't say a thing when it stops. It does tell me about 2 minutes later when it is ready to start.

    I have contacted Electrolux and am waiting for a solution.

  • Hi, new member here.

    Found this community thanks to a web search about the exact same problem my 9.2 got. It just stops and reboots, telling me it’s ready.

    Curious regarding any update or solution in this case

  • ChattSriChattSri Member
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    I am encountering the same problem, mine stop with an error and reboot every 15 minutes; without returning to its base.

    After sending it to the service office (I’m in Thailand) they are not able to identify nor have they experienced the the error first handed. I believe that the machine not showing up with error was due to the office testing area isn’t large enough for the robot to operate continuously and hit its trigger point; in my case 15 minutes.

    I managed to get a battery replacement since the staff are guessing that the issue I faced could be caused by a degraded battery.

    Unfortunately, I have no luck. The error is still there and it does not make any sense to use this limited functionality by placing it in a room small enough to complete vacuuming in 15 minutes before it crash.

    To be honest, I am very happy with the performance of this robot over the other competitor since buying this robot two years ago until I face this unprecedented error this three recent months. Now it serve no purpose.

    If anyone could advise on a solution to this error your input will be much appreciated.

  • aerialsaerials Member

    Finally the solution in my case: Moving the robot to a different floor, it cleaned without problems.

    So i suspected some orientation/map issues. Relocating the charging base on the original floor did nothing, so next I deleted all maps within the app and now the robot does its job again!

    Maybe it‘s the same for some of your issues, hope it helps.

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