Help with PureF9

GarolGarol Member


2 years ago i purchased the PureF9. It has never worked and has just sat in my cupboard gathering dust. It is such a waste of money so hoping someone can help me.

Everytime i use it all the dust and debris from the floor goes in the tube but the tube just clogs constantly and it never makes its way into the dust container. I have to use my other vaccum to suck it out. Then it works for about 5 minutes before it clogs again.

No i am not vacuuming anything large or out of the ordinary. Just normal carpet.

Is anyone else having this problem?? Can i do anything to fix it?


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    Sorry to hear about your pure F9. This forum can help with questions about pure i9 (robot vacuum cleaner). For any questions about your F9, contact Electrolux service, and they should help you.

  • GarolGarol Member

    Incorrect they have not responded to me for years. Thats why i reached out to the forums for any help

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