Wellbeing update

Flat6Flat6 Member


Yesterday Wellbeing app was updated. This morning, when I start it, it says "Far from home ? App not available in this region...."

Tried to uninstall, reinstall the app : same problem !

Any help ?



  • AmyAmy Member

    I have this same problem - someone please help! I really don't want to create a new account and lose my maps and schedules. The app has always worked here before (New Zealand). Notifications still come through, I just can't open the app itself.

  • Flat6Flat6 Member


    Yesterday, I uninstalled then reinstalled the Wellbeing app and everything worked well.

    The pop up message quoted above didn't appear and I was able to enter my login/password. No need to create new account.

    Hope it will be the same for you.


  • JohannaNordlofJohannaNordlof Member, Moderator mod

    We had an issue with IP address localization earlier this week, which now should be solved. We would kindly ask you to verify this by:

    1. Please close the Wellbeing App completely and restart again.
    2. The "far from home" message should now be removed and you should be able to access the app again.
    3. If the issue still occur, please contact us by email and we will help you: [email protected]

    Thank you for the cooperation and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  • AmyAmy Member

    Thanks both! I had to uninstall and reinstall the app (just closing or force stopping didn't help), but after reinstalling it worked fine and all my maps and schedules were there.

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