Low charge limit setup

Hello there! My robot can't finish cleaning one (of two) maps I have in my house without one stop to have a recharge. It usually leaves one small bathroom undone. But I already tried, with success, forcing It resuming cleaning without It having this recharge by pressing "resume" when It just arrives at the recharge dock. Do you think would be feaseble to have a functionality, similar to what we have in cell phones or notebooks, to setup a low power threshold? When reaching user defined level cell phones enters in energy saving mode, i9.2 could get back home (but leaving the possibility to users to have this fine tune ajustment). Alternatively the robot could get smarter and proceed with its own calculation of the energy It will need to complete an already saved map (considering a hard stop anyway if It reachs a limit to get back to the dock) - clearly, in my case, It is not optimizing this management. Thanks!

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