triciatricia Member

I purchased my Purei9 a few weeks ago. It is brilliant but has now stopped all connection with the wifi. I have followed the instructions to reconnect but l can’t work it out.

I cannot find the 3Dvision network

Can anymore point me in the right direction



  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭

    Hi tricia,

    Try to restart the robot completely first: Remove the robot from the charger and hold the Play button for ~5 s, until you hear three beeps and the display says OFF (Pure i9) or the light bar shows the robot shutting down (Pure i9.2). Wait 5 s, then put it in the charger to wake it up again.

    Then turn it upside down and see if the 3Dvision network becomes visible.

    Good luck - let us know how it went!

  • triciatricia Member

    Thanks for your response

    it turns out that the charging base was faulty. I returned it to HN and they replaced the base and it’s now working like a charm.

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