Cradle failure

Is there a known problem with the charging cradles?

I have to PUREi9 vacuum cleaners.

One bought around 3 years ago and the second one about 18 months ago.

The original works just fine, however my new robot has experienced cradle failure. As I have two I can test the chargers and cradles by swapping them to determine what part is not functioning. I contacted Electrolux and they replaced the cradle. Three days later the new cradle failed again.

Is this a known problem and is it possible that the robot is causing the cradle to fail?

Advice ? Answers ?


  • Hi, glad to hear that you decided to invest in a second robot!

    The charging station rarely fails or breaks, since it's basically a passive connector between the wall adapter and the two charging plates under the robot. And if you got your charger replaced, it sounds very much like the problem is in the robot instead.

    Could you try both your robots in both the charging stations, to see what combinations work OK? The simplest way may be to just put each robot in the charger and check that the battery symbol blinks a few times. This means that the robot is connected and is charging. Or did you already do this?

    In general, the most common problem we have with chargers, is that dust or some residue collects on the charging plates of the robot or charger, so they don't get a good connection. So before you do the test, carefully wipe the charger and robot terminals with a dry cloth, to make sure that the metal surfaces are completely clean.

    If it still doesn't work and you have a multimeter at hand, you could set it on voltage measurement mode and check the voltage between the two connector pads on the charger. Do you get around 22 V and the same polarity on both chargers?

    Good luck and let us know how it went!

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