Cradle failure

Is there a known problem with the charging cradles?

I have to PUREi9 vacuum cleaners.

One bought around 3 years ago and the second one about 18 months ago.

The original works just fine, however my new robot has experienced cradle failure. As I have two I can test the chargers and cradles by swapping them to determine what part is not functioning. I contacted Electrolux and they replaced the cradle. Three days later the new cradle failed again.

Is this a known problem and is it possible that the robot is causing the cradle to fail?

Advice ? Answers ?


  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin


    There is no known issue with the charging cradles, it is extremely rare that they actually fail.

    We do, however, see that some robots have problems maintaining good electrical contact with the chargers. The robot can report that it is "having problems charging" (E21 is shown on the display of the Pure i9 model) in this case.

    Make sure that the contact pads on the bottom of the robot and the charger cradle are clean, and inspect them for damage. It can be hard to see, but some kinds of dust are almost invisible and are electrical insulators, preventing good contact. Sometimes simply wiping isn't enough, as static electricity makes the dust stick. Clean them thoroughly, maybe using a little alcohol or something on them.

    If they are clean, but damaged, they might still have problems. You have changed your cradle, so the robot contacts are the next suspect.

    One additional aspect of the "bad contact" problem can be geometrical- make sure that the charger is sitting flat on the floor (i.e. one side is not sitting on the cable or some other obstacle) and that the robot is sitting flat on the charger when it drives home. If the charger is not level on the floor, it might be possible that the pads don't always make perfect contact with the robot.

    The final two possibilities are:

    • that the batteries have failed in this robot- this can give the same symptoms
    • that the charging hardware inside the robot has failed (extremely rare)

    So, if a thorough clean doesn't help and the charger and robot are sitting correctly, contact the service centre and ask about some new batteries.

    Hope this helps!

  • TratolosTratolos Member

    Thanks for your advice.

    After a closer examination of the terminals on the cradle I noticed a very small blemish of what appears to be a rubbery compound.

    after removing it, the cradle functioned as normal and the robot resumed charging.

    I have identified the source of the rubbery compound and cleared it up so the robot doesn’t deposit this on the cradle terminals.

    Again thank you for your advice.

  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭

    Glad to hear that it's solved!

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